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Sweet Table

is doing its part and is baking away during Covid times, truly unprecedented challenges for many. Trying to add little baked happiness to  some saints in the medical community.

We are glad that we can help some and bring  smiles to those who work so extra hard and are truly "essential". 


Thank You!

march 2020-open end...

Sweet Table, an Austin, Texas-home based scone baking & delivery business,  believes the best scones are created with patience and a good heaping of adventurous spirit.
Now in my third year I am baking away any chance I get
and enjoying every moment of it.
In today's world so many of us have dietary restrictions. With that in mind we offer all flavors as a custom order according to your need, gluten free, grain free, Vegan or Paleo with only wholesomeness and well rounded flavors in mind.
My products are made from scratch with fresh and organic ingredients. They are prepared and baked on request and delivered at arranged time.
Place your order via email, text or call 48 hour in advance.
Ready-to-bake scone dough is another option you have when choosing your scones.  Convenient and easy so you can enjoy the freshly baked treat anytime you desire.
I promise You will  fall in love with that freshly baked treat.
Sweet Table  is here to make you scone happy!
Serving my lemon scone to guests