Hello and Guten Tag!
 My name is Sibylle Rhein and I have a passion for baking. I arrived on the US shores about 25 years ago, full of dreams and desire to go far. Austin has been my home for over 15 years and I love this city. I have raised two amazing boys I am incredibly proud of. Growing up in Germany I watched my mother produce such delicious foods in her kitchen. Baking was her strength and the cakes and cookies were beyond description.
My love for scones started when I was a teenager. I visited relatives in England for a few weeks and there I learned about the customs of British Tea Time and the baked goods served alongside. The scones served with Devonshire cream and homemade jams were the most delicious creations I had ever tasted.
Today, I strive to perfect my scones and enjoy incorporating unique blends of ingredients and flavors. Encouraged by some of my scone fans, I decided it was time that I share them with you.
I guarantee they will win you over, too!

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