The Holiday Season
Fond memories of my Mother's baking during the holidays is part of my German childhood and I could probably write a book about the traditions and timing of it all. My Mother, who was an meticulous baker, would start preparing December 1, opening her old and famous cook book with passed on recipes dating back to my great grandmother. There were must have's, each of us kids and my dad had their favorite and she would always try something new and complicated. For at least 3 weeks she would bake and we could not have a sample. They were tucked away in old tins, placed in the cellar and no one was allowed to sneak any. Finally, on the 24. December a lavish plate on the Meissen China was prepared for Teatime and the big tasting began. I cherish those memories as they have influenced me in so many ways. My boys got a less restricted version of my mom in me. They ate them warm out of the oven.
Wishing you blessed Holidays and lots of memories in the making.

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