Minis, box of 12 for $25 (gluten-free $35)
Assortment of 12 Minis (3 varieties) $25 (gf $35)
Box of 6 for $25 (gf $35)
Assortment of 6 (3 varieties) $25 (gf $35)
Box of 12 for $40 (gf $60)
Assortment of 12 (3 varieties) $40 (gf $50)
Organic Lemon Curd $4
Salted Caramel Sauce $6
Call/text 512 496 5271 at least 48 hours prior.
Orders of 4+ regular boxes require 72 hours notice.
Accepting cash, check, all major credit cards / Venmo.
My scones are made with the freshest and purest ingredients. Please let me know if you have any food allergies or dietary needs as I can accommodate individual requests. Orders for special gluten, vegan or grain free scones are priced as a custom order. My goal is to make the best baked treat and one you will enjoy eating as you can trust the ingredients.
 Tightly vacuumed packed for storing in freezer when the time has come to unleash the magic. An ideal option if you like baking them at home and enjoy the incredible smell it creates in your kitchen! 
At 425 F  for 14-16 minutes the Regular ones and 12 for the Minis,
(Convection at 395 for ~14 minutes and Minis for ~12) 
Now you can enjoy a freshly baked treat anytime you like!
The Almighty
Classic Currant-Lemon